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Salty 3 (Autumn 2018)


~ Healing our wounds ~

Salty 3 is a collection of poems by
Clarissa Chandrahasen
Maisie Chilton Tressler
Courtney Rose Brown
Alayne Dick
Briana Jamieson
Bea Joblin
Zoe Joblin
Bethany Miller
Lizzie Murray
Cathy-Ellen Paul
Jane Paul
Aimee Smith

Featuring drawings and paintings by
Maisie Chilton Tressler
Morgan Hogg
Aimee Smith
Rachael Weeber

Title by Aimee Smith
Cover Illustration by Lizzie Murray
Edited and published by Briana Jamieson

13 x 20cm
34 pages
Staple bound
130gsm silk cover, colour
80gsm inside pages, B&W